An executive’s job is to lead, which requires the ability to effectively communicate what needs to be done. Unfortunately, most leaders are time-starved and do not have much room in their schedules to learn how to communicate phenomenally. We’ve all been plagued by too-long speeches, boring presentations, and thrown together addresses—and we all hate it. So why is it still so common?

 Lack of time

 Lack of resources

 Lack of understanding

Why It Matters

Since senior leaders are responsible to employees, customers, boards of directors, as well as the community in which it operates, excellent communication skills are vital. It is understandable that corporate leaders have endless tasks complete and decisions to make, but an executive with great communication skills gets better results.

So, if your internal communications team has limited resources, Phenomenal Speeches can be the partner so you can focus on other critical activities. Contact us today to learn what makes us stand out from the rest.

How We
Can Help

Speech Writing Services

Speech writing

Whether for an award acceptance, motivational outreach, or informative session for employees, we can help you craft a strong speech that will stick in the memories of your audience.

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Corporate Speech Writing Services

Coaching on speech performance and delivery

A well-written speech will still fall flat with the wrong delivery. We can help you prep beyond the page through one-on-one coaching. In-person, corporate workshops are available for groups of up to 12.
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Ongoing executive communication services that leverage existing speeches

Your speech can get more mileage long after you deliver it. Why not repurpose your content into an op-ed or LinkedIn post?
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About Us


Cheril N. Clarke – an independent author, speechwriter, corporate communications writer and award-winning playwright – is the woman behind Phenomenal Speeches & Phenomenal Writing.


Professional Speechwriters Association


American Medical Writers Association

Cheril has written award acceptance speeches, special occasion speeches, emcee remarks, award ceremony scripts, and speaker introductions for C-suite executives (CEOs, COOs, etc.) and entrepreneurs. With a background deeply rooted in creative writing, from children’s books to award-winning stage plays, Cheril has the unique ability to easily connect with audiences of all types. So whether your speech is to a group of students, a room full of doctors, or a council room full of concerned residents, Cheril can help.

Speech writing is a unique skill that requires the right combination of rhythm, passion, and cultural competency to engage listeners and inspire action. Speech writing is distinct. It is about authenticity and requires a deep understanding of people, psychology, and cultures; and the speechwriter’s job is to work closely with the principal to ensure his or her authentic voice is captured in a way that will captivate an audience.

With nearly 20 years’ experience as a multifaceted writer, Cheril has the confidence and diverse life experience to be the speechwriter who can best tell your story. She has been featured in numerous magazines, including The Philadelphia Women’s Business Journal. She has experience working closely with executives, politicians, administrative staff, graphic designers, web designers, videographers, photographers, and international printers. Prior to starting Phenomenal Speeches, she was Director of Communications for Gloucester Township. She was also a staff writer who was the lead writer for a CEO transition at AmeriHealth Caritas.

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    "Cheril is an incredible writer and professional communicator. She's extremely prompt and has been wonderful to work with."

    Daniel Stringer, CEO, Total Care Connections

    "Cheril did an awesome job on my speech! I had a tight deadline and she turned it over in just 24 hours. The speech was well received by about 100 folks at a city council meeting and local news media even asked me for quotes. Highly recommended!"

    K. Bush, A Concerned Citizen

    "Cheril is a strong writer and delight to work with. She’s adept at handling a variety of writing projects with professionalism and flexibility. Always quick to turn assignments around, Cheril is a great addition to our team when we need freelance help."

    Todd Speranzo, Vice President of Marketing at Avella Specialty Pharmacy

    "Great work! Always on time and passionate about the message, speaker and audience. I could always count on Cheril to perfectly capture my voice."

    Michael Rashid, Managed Care Executive - Retired CEO of AmeriHealth Caritas

    "Cheril is one of the most gifted speechwriters with whom I’ve had the privilege to work. She has the uncanny ability to quickly capture the distinctive voice of the people she’s writing for, and turns out effective, memorable speeches. Reliable, focused and a joy to work with, too. I recommend her without reservation."

    Michelle Davidson, Senior Vice President, Communications and Marketing - Health Partners Plans

    "It is always a pleasure working with Cheril. I admire her passion and love for her craft."

    Saunders Sermons, Two-time Grammy award winning musician and vocalist