It’s no secret that executives must constantly impress various people through communication. Company stakeholders, customers, employees, government officials, and so on look to them to understand the company’s direction and credibility. Leaders must be impactful and at ease when public speaking. The secret to delivering speeches that resonate is rehearsal, preparation (including working with a professional speechwriter, if necessary), understanding what’s most important to your audience, and a commitment to developing your communication skills to reflect the strength of your leadership ability.

Too many leaders struggle to communicate effectively, especially in a virtual world. It’s an understandable challenge. Being time starved, possibly introverted or camera shy, feeling you’re “not a natural,” or a myriad of other reasons can prevent a leader from effectively engaging audiences. But it doesn’t have to be this way. An executive speechwriter and coach can help you craft the right words to ensure a connection with your audience and help you pinpoint what’s getting in your way when it comes to delivering your speech.

Speechwriting is an art and a science. You have to engage your audience’s left and right brain to draw them in and compel them to act or feel a certain way. Flawless speech delivery is a mixture of rehearsal and preparation. You don’t have to rehearse like the star of a Broadway show, but deliberate practice can ensure you give a speech that is more than impactful in the moment—one that others can retell the key points (with ease) to those who may have missed it. How often have you listened to a speech you thought was great, but within a few hours, you had no idea what the details of the talk were?

Phenomenal Speeches exists to help you tell your story in an incredible and engaging way. We understand that many leaders don’t have either the time or the skills to craft a compelling message (just because you’re an excellent IT executive doesn’t automatically make you a great writer, and that’s okay). Your message matters, and the right writing partner can help you craft and deliver a fantastic speech.

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"Cheril is an incredible writer and professional communicator. She's extremely prompt and has been wonderful to work with."

Daniel Stringer, CEO, Total Care Connections

"Cheril did an awesome job on my speech! I had a tight deadline and she turned it over in just 24 hours. The speech was well received by about 100 folks at a city council meeting and local news media even asked me for quotes. Highly recommended!"

K. Bush, A Concerned Citizen

"Cheril is a strong writer and delight to work with. She’s adept at handling a variety of writing projects with professionalism and flexibility. Always quick to turn assignments around, Cheril is a great addition to our team when we need freelance help."

Todd Speranzo, Vice President of Marketing at Avella Specialty Pharmacy

"Great work! Always on time and passionate about the message, speaker and audience. I could always count on Cheril to perfectly capture my voice."

Michael Rashid, Managed Care Executive - Retired CEO of AmeriHealth Caritas

"Cheril is one of the most gifted speechwriters with whom I’ve had the privilege to work. She has the uncanny ability to quickly capture the distinctive voice of the people she’s writing for, and turns out effective, memorable speeches. Reliable, focused and a joy to work with, too. I recommend her without reservation."

Michelle Davidson, Senior Vice President, Communications and Marketing - Health Partners Plans

"It is always a pleasure working with Cheril. I admire her passion and love for her craft."

Saunders Sermons, Two-time Grammy award winning musician and vocalist