A lot of work goes into creating a phenomenal speech: Research, writing, re-writing, hunting down facts and interesting stories (or supporting visuals), etc., so it would make sense that once given, a speech finds a way to have a longer shelf-life. Why should you do so much work and only to limit your reach to the live attendees at a single event? In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of re-purposing your speech to drive your message to a broader audience.

Whether it is creating soundbites that are perfect for Twitter and other social media feeds or repackaging your big ideas into a special report, opportunities abound. There is value in re-purposing a talk for use on multiple platforms without losing the integrity of your message.

Imagine creating a video reel from the high points of your speech (or sharing the entire talk). This idea may not sound appealing to some, but consider that YouTube is the second most-used search engine on the web. You never know who might discover you when sharing your message in video format.

Audio of your speech can be archived on platforms like Soundcloud.com, where listeners can download or stream to listen as they commute to work (or in their headphones as they go about daily chores). Don’t forget to strategically use tags and keywords to help users find your content.

Quotes from your speech can be used as conversation starters on social media. For example, a short quote from your address that conveys an idea, states a fact, or asks a question, can increase engagement as those who follow you weigh in on your words. Some of the responses can even serve as inspiration for your next speech.

Do you have a blog? Take one quote, word, or aspect of your speech and expand upon it with fresh ideas. These new thoughts can be used as a blog post or even the basis of a photo essay on your website. One speech could possibly provide several blog posts if you dissect and expand on each of your original speech’s major points individually.

Write a book! The main points or quotes from one speech (or several talks) could be used as the basis of a book. The interaction you receive from followers on social media could put your book in the hands of people you never imagined would be interested in your words—people who didn’t have the opportunity to see your speech in person, but found themselves relating to a quote, fact, or question you placed on social media.

Memes have taken over the internet. They can travel at lightning speed. Many social media users search for memes that convey their thoughts, feelings, or expectations. Others may look for memes that entertain or inform them. Memes are an excellent yet unconventional way to put information into the hands of those who need it. Take a picture that relates to a quote from your speech and create a meme that expresses that thought. Give yourself credit for the quote by adding your name and website to the meme. When people like what you’re saying, they will follow you to see what other wisdom, motivational words, and entertaining anecdotes you have.

Put it on a T-shirt. This option may not be appropriate for all public speakers, but if your brand is youthful, edgy, and fun, it may be a good fit! Is there a quote from your speech that your followers have turned into a mantra? Graphic tees with simple words on them are quickly selling, as “quotes” are a current trend. Cash in on your words by selling T-shirts on your website. Take a picture of yourself in the T-shirt and post it to social media. When someone asks, “Where can I get that shirt?” direct them to your website.

The bottom line is that a speech you gave in front of 500 people at a conference can be edited, remixed, and presented in ways that inspire fresh content without having to push your original ideas aside. There are several ways to repurpose your speech content, and we hope we’ve inspired you. Do you have ideas or suggestions? We’d love to hear them!

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